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  • We offer ITF and WTF Taekwondo classes for all ages
    • Most US based Taekwondo school only teach one style, mostly WTF, but our curriculum offers both styles. There are slight differences between the styles, and each has their own forms.
    • Technically, the WTF is only an organizing body for taekwondo competitions. The body that awards ranks and sets standards for forms is the Kukkiwon. Theoretically, an ITF practitioner could compete in a WTF competition, however the WTF requires participants to hold a rank certified by the Kukkiwon.
      -WTF has a strong sport undertone (it's the style of TKD in the Olympics). Every dojang does not necessarily focus on sparring, however many do. The sport undertone is not as present in the ITF.
      -WTF is more popular in South Korea (the Kukkiwon is in Seoul and was established by the ROK government), whereas the ITF style is prevalent in North Korea.
      -The forms are different. The ITF forms are based on those developed by Grandmaster Choi Hong-Hi, one of the founders of Taekwondo, whereas the WTF forms are developed and periodically updated by the Kukkiwon.
      -ITF tends to use more hand strikes than WTF, especially in sparring. The converse is also true, WTF usually puts more of an emphasis on kicks than ITF
      -The ITF style dictates that an up-and-down "sine wave" motion be maintained while moving. On the other hand, WTF movements are performed level, that is, no wave motion.
      -On a doctrinal note, the WTF tends to place less importance on GM Choi, if any at all, in the development of Taekwondo. The ITF elevates him above all others as the creator and father of the martial art.
  • We offer Self Defense classes geared for women
    • Build Confidence -  Develop Self-Discipline - Improve your physical Conditioning
    • Improve your balance - Teaches you self-respect - Develop a warrior spirit
    • Helps with goal setting - Positive influence on your life
  • We offer Fitness classes for teens and adults (private or small group classes)
    • Improve balance and flexibility
    • Increase stamina and fitness level
    • Develop confidence and self-discipline

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